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Default Re: Beware automatic software renewals

Further to the above, I also had a situation with Rogers.
I was paying about $120 for high speed internet and home phone, but last December they offered me a package of high speed internet (faster than what I currently had), home phone and basic TV with PVR at $99.99 per month for one year.
Basically I was getting a LOT more for a lot less so, why not?
I don't even use the crappy cable service and will cut it off again when the term is up. I may disconnect my phone as well since it's only used 99% of the time by telemarketers and scammers and I can use my cell phone.

Then the additions started. I got charged extra because I had 2 calling features on my phone (which customer service told me would be included in the package). Then the cost of the Internet went up, twice.
I complained once and got the old "well that's the way it is". I contacted them again and told them they are scammers who don't honour their agreements.
They gave me a full credit for all the over-charging.

Moral of the story, don't fall asleep at the wheel of life because someone might be stealing the tires right off your car.
This time of year I wish I was a kid again
Not that I ever truly grew up. lol
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