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Default Re: Beware automatic software renewals

Originally Posted by lurker View Post
Rogers are F'ing horrible scammers. They pull that shit with everybody. For home phone, cable, internet, wife cell phone, around $350/mth. Looking buy an Android box but need to figure out how to get live sporting events (racing primarily) on the box.

I swear by my Android box with Kodi and Xenon.

Can't comment on the sporting events as I'm not really into sports. However, I did watch a live CBC NHL game last year using the box.
I'd also like to see a UFC PPV event, but I keep missing the broadcast dates so I don't even know if I can get the feed.
It does have a lot of sports links including motorsports.
I suggest downloading to your computer and running it for a month. If it works for you, get an Android box. It's the same software, and how I learned how it all worked before I cut my cable.
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