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Originally Posted by Gerald View Post
Wow, where did that come from?
I respect, and admire your compassion, but you are making a judgement based on nothing I read here. You don't know her or her situation so can't assume her reasons for working.
You are sounding like Megan Walker.
If I made the same life assessment of you based on what you've posted on the board, you'd tell me I'm way off base or simply insane.
Send her money if you want, but she will just spend it and keep working, unless you want to give her $50,000 to change her life. Hell, that would change anybody's life.
All the ladies here know I am here for them and support them so if you want to toss some money my way......
I also respect the management of AdultEA, so if there are any issue here I am sure she wouldn't be working there very long.
Yes!!! Ty gerald!!
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