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Default Rebbeca

So dropped by platinum last Friday afternoon. 3 girls were on, Lola, Lilly and the new girl rebbeca. She had said she had started about 4 days prior. She is what I call stunning in a cute way. Profile says she is 22, I trust the staff to make sure she is legal, but this one makes me question, looks very young, she dresses cute, not overly slutty or flaunting. If your looking for the girl next door look, this is it.

As for massage. She needs to get some hand and arm strength. Softest massage I can imagine. If your feeling aches and pains, they wonít go away and she doesnít master teasing or tickles as some do.

Her finish, needs a lot of work. Very timid, very nervous, and way to gentle.

I give her a 5 of 10. Itís about her looks, and her conversation. She is a sweet heart, but this bussiness will eat her up. I will repeat in a week or 2, I hope she gets more comfortable in time. She acknowledged she is doing for the money, and is offering very limited coffee selection on her menu.

Overall temper expectations and treat her well. Might be a gem in time, for now, we wait and hope.
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