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Default The Colonoscopy

I write this today to maybe bring some more understanding to this topic.
My father died of colon cancer (many years ago now) so i have been the lucky recipient of two of these procedures now. Both clean (pardon the pun.)
Folks, I write this after talking to some friends about it. Everyon is scared shitless about getting one, and i dont think they really understand it. and they are embarrassed by it.
Yes, you have to clean out your bowel by drinking a gawdawful solution that empties you out. No, its not pleasant. And you need to drink a lot to keep your fluids and electrolytes up. May i strongly suggest if u need one that you use a little vaseline or something like it to protect your but from irritation when you start drinking the stuff!
Once cleaned out you go to your procedure. they take you in, hook you up to the monitors to get you ready. It is common to be offered sedation. I personally decline, it doesnt agree with me,(reaction) but its very common. I think more than 90% take sedation- but i say why? I got to watch the whole thing on a 60" bigscreen! cool! If the colonoscopy centre can have a 60 i should at least have a 65!! People!! yes, i felt the scope go in, but thats it! I lay there and watched them feed it through and the ONLY time i felt it was when they went around the corners! I watched the whole thing, like a movie scene out of aliens. Felt virtually nothing, was over in a half hour, and because i wasnt sedated was kicked out of "recovery" in a few minutes and could drive myself.
They say everyone should have one at 50. Ive had two. They say many people decline to have one because they are scared. Dont be. the prep is like the morning after a 6 pack and some bad chinese food. Not pleasant. But the test is nothing. (prostate exam was worse! lol) If you need it, have it done< could save your life. And if they find a polyp they can remove it then and there, from the inside, painlessly, no scars on your outside, no cancer down the road.
Hope this is helpful.
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