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Wink Surprise

Your husband has set up a special surprise for you, as you slip into your sexy little dress he begins to get the restraints ready on the bed. You start to wonder what this surprise may be, you lay down on the bed and your husband begins to tie you up. You've been here before, so you wonder why this time will be different. As you feel the ropes tighten on your skin, you start to get wet in anticipation. He ties your legs and arms to the four posts of the bed, exposing you completely in your slutty dress. Your heart starts to pump heavily as you tug your arms down, not being able to cover yourself. Your husband leaves the room for a minute as you lay there wondering what he's up to. He comes back with a black piece of fabric and ties it around your eyes, all you see is black. Your other senses heighten, as you feel between your legs start to drip with excitement. He leaves again this time for a longer period. All of a sudden there's a knock at the door.

Your heart feels like it's going to pump right out of your chest. You hear a voice you haven't heard before talking to your husband, you can't make out what they are saying though. A few more minutes pass that feel like forever, you hear two sets of foot steps coming back into the room. You realize your still tied up and exposed, you squirm to cover yourself up but the ropes are too tight. The door opens and you freeze. All you hear is footsteps as your breathing gets heavier. You feel someone sit next to you on the bed, you feel a finger run down your exposed body. You realize it's not your husband as your body goes crazy with lust, the stranger begins to kiss around your neck as he runs his hands over your body. Grabbing and feeling every inch of you, his lips on your neck is like fire running down your body. You moan without meaning to, you can't help but enjoy being touched with such lust.

The strange man starts to work down from your neck, his hands meet his mouth on your chest. He slowly starts rubbing your already erect nipples, kissing closer and closer. He takes your breasts out and begins passionately massaging your nipples with his skillful tongue. You urge your body closer into him as you hear him start to unzip his pants, you want him in your mouth more then you've ever wanted a man. He grabs your hair and puts his swollen cock into your eager mouth, you can feel it pulsing against your tongue. You begin to work his cock, you can feel him get fully erect as your lips slide up an down his shift. You've been waiting for this for so long your panties are completely soaked and he hasn't even touched below your stomach.

Just messing around lol I'll add more if people like it
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