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Old 02-25-2018, 10:24 AM
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Default Bill C-36

I was taking a shower this morning and thinking of the Bill-36 Federal laws that are being fought in court with the Fantasy World case.
I know I'm just some idiot at a computer, but looking at those laws seems to me, to be a simple violation of human rights.
Anyone who knows me, knows I love making analogies.
Here is my analogy to Prostitution.

Lets say, these same set of laws were applied to the sale of guns.
It would be completely legal to open a gun store and offer guns for sale.
However, it would be illegal to actually purchase guns. You can pick up a gun and take it home for free, you just can't actually purchase one.
I guess in a twisted "Twilight Zone" episode, this makes sense to someone. It just frightens me that it makes sense to the people who actually run this country.

What the law is really saying is, if you are selling sex you are a poor defenseless idiot who is actually a victim, so we have to protect you.
You can have a gangbang with 100 random guys without birth control, but if one guy pays you for a blowjob, that son of a bitch just commented a serious crime! He is the lowest form of human to walk the planet.

It's NOT about human trafficking or under age girls. There are laws outside of prostitution that deal with that. It's about housewives who don't want their husbands getting something that they themselves are unwilling to provide. It's also about church that still maintains you have sex with one person your entire life and only within the sanctity of marriage. Sorry, that concept has never worked. We live, we eat, we fuck, we die. Those are the fundamental principles of life. We pay to live, pay for food, pay for funerals so let us pay to fuck and get over your antiquated opinions.
If anyone thinks Prohibition of sexual services is possible, they are the real idiots. As with Prohibition of alcohol, you not only fail to stop it, you create a major underground illegal system which is more dangerous and potentially life threatening.

Just a random rant from an over-sexed and under-laid old man.
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Old 02-26-2018, 08:03 AM
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Default Re: Bill C-36

I sense a CJF Award coming on.
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