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Old 05-22-2018, 08:15 AM
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Default Difficult for seniors.

It's awesome how the internet has made our lives easier with information and things like on-line banking.
Unfortunately, it's not so good for seniors.
We've become so dependent on the internet that we forget, not everyone is connected. Especially our senior citizens.
My mother as an example is in her 80's. She isn't on-line, doesn't own a cell phone and has problems enough operating the remote control on her TV.
Yet, banks are starting to tell her "We don't mail statements any more".
She got a new PC Optimum Card but even though she shops regularly at Loblaws, she doesn't get any points because she can't "load the offers".
Seems like today, when you ask "How do I....?", more often than not you get, "Go on-line and....".
I'm just worried as I get older and more feeble minded, I will have the same issues with technology, press the wrong button and lose everything.
There was a time "growing old" was a health concern. Now "growing old" has become more of a technology concern.

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Old 05-22-2018, 08:40 AM
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Question Re: Difficult for seniors.

You are so right. I an 45, and I hate the " go online and..." answer. If i wanted to go online and do it myself, I would have!! At 45 I can't figure this crap ouf, am scared as hell as to what happens when I get old. Heck, I won't use the self checkouts, for two reasons, tried it once, walked out leaving everything at check out, couldn't figure out how to run the till, and 2, if I don't get a discount, I'm not doing their job for them. Too many corporations just assume everybody is online, everyone has a cell etc.
I hate going into a store and having the clerk ask for my email, the look on their face when I refuse to give it them is priceless. But, I get zero junk mail because very few people and no businesses have my email.
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