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Old 09-06-2015, 07:45 AM
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Thumbs down Bad Plumber

Hyde Park Plumbing and Heating

Needed a bathtub replaced.
Guy dropped off a new one. Needed me to help him carry it from the truck.
Strike 1
Told me he'd be back the next morning to install it around 10am. So it sat in my living room. The only time I want a bathtub in my living room is when a hot naked girl is using it!
Strike 2
No one showed up at 10am, 11 or 12 so I called the office. Talked to a woman who didn't know who I was or what was going on so she passed me on to a guy who didn't know who I was or what was going on.
He finally figured it out and told me the guy was on his way. He was just running late because a worker didn't show up so he had to pick up another guy.
That was bullshit excuse number 1
Still waiting I called again and was told the guy was really, really busy and was just finishing up at another home close to me so he should be here soon.
Bullshit excuse number 2
Guy finally shows up around 3pm after wasting most of my day waiting for the son of a bitch. I told him I expected him at 10am and he says he was late because he had to write some kind of test for a course he was taking.
Then he warns me that he may not have enough time to finish the tub so I may not be able to use it till he comes back the next day.
However, he was able to get enough done to allow us use of the tub even though he did it using the WRONG FUCKING CAULKING.
Another guy shows up the following day to finish the job and literally tells me the guy before not only used the wrong caulking, he did a bad job of it.

Game over.
I would burn my house down and collect the insurance money before calling the Hyde Park Plumbing, Heating and bullshit factory ever again.
This isn't what I had in mind when I said
I wanted to be locked down.
I was hoping for a naked woman with rope and a feather duster.....

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