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Old 09-06-2015, 08:23 AM
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Thumbs down Bad Dentist

Dr Jonathan MacArthur

My dentist retired and all my records were passed to Dr MacArthur's office as his recommended replacement.
I hadn't booked an appointment yet, but my S.O. need a dentist, so I took her to this guy. He seemed nice, did the exam and set up a return appointment to get some work done.
Unfortunately, she was sick the morning of the appointment so I had to call and cancel the appointment last minute. I told the girl at the desk, I understood their policy of last minute cancellations and told her I would pay the cancellation fee. She rebooked the appointment without issue.
Then a letter arrives from this clown dismissing her as a patient because she didn't meet her "obligations" as a patient!

I sent him a nice letter in return;

I am writing to thank you for your recent letter to (her name), dismissing her as a new patient.
In response to your letter, I regret to inform you that I also will not be your dental patient. This situation has come about because of your failure to honour your obligations as a health care professional.
As a long term patient of Dr Reid's (approximately 40 years), I am relieved I didn't make the horrible mistake of using your unprofessional services.
I was the one that cancelled her appointment due to illness (vomiting from fast food).
I also stated at that time, I was willing to pay any cancellation fee as per your standard policy for last minute cancelled appointments since I do understand it costs you money when appointments are missed (although exorbitant dental fees certainly doesn't leave you impoverished or hinder your ability to otherwise make a substantial profit).
If you believe a patient should be vomiting while you are performing dental work then you and I have greatly different opinions on what is reasonable.
You have successfully wasted my time and my money in assisting her in treatment for her dental issues.
Rest assured that once we have her X-rays (which were paid for in good faith on our part), neither her or I will be a bother to you. I prefer to spend my hard earned dollars on professionals who deserve compensation of services provided to us in good faith.
I will also go a step further and educate friends, family and any contacts via my local social media business as to why they should also avoid dealing with your "services".

This isn't what I had in mind when I said
I wanted to be locked down.
I was hoping for a naked woman with rope and a feather duster.....

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