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Default Brave browser

I started using Brave Browser about a year ago because the lack of privacy and security from other browsers alarmed me.

At first there were bugs, mainly it would take a few tries to open a page/follow a link occasionally but for the past 6+ months I havenít had those issues at all unless my wifi way acting up.

There are no ads unless you sign up to receive them (and then you are financially compensated for your time if you do opt in to receive ads.

I love the entire idea behind it but I absolutely love the security features.

I highly recommend this browser for hobbying but Iíve also switch to this browser on my home computer and personal phone because of how great it is. I still use safari for shopping because sometimes I want those spammy links that Brave protects me from but for anything and everything else I use Brave.

Also, when website owners/content creators register with Brave they get paid by Brave when people go to their site...so content creators (ehem Gerald) should look into registering.

Anyways, great private browser that I highly recommend.
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