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Marketing Yourself on the Forums

The Discussion and Review forums are used by both Clients and Advertisers. It is an excellent way of informing potential clientele of your availability and expanding your advertising with more comments
and photos.
Participation on the Forums is not a requirement, it is only a tool made available to those who wish to use it. It is not advisable to advertise on the Forums only. The ad pages of this website receive more views than the Forums and are the best form of advertising. The forums are merely an enhancement of that advertising.
The forums also serve as a reference of clientele, as registered board members are less likely to cause problems for the advertisers. You also have the ability as a paid advertiser to access a private area to discuss any concerns with this website or any of it's board members. You can Register to the Forums any time. When your ad is purchased, your membership status will be updated to that of an Advertiser, allowing you to post.

The London Sugar Forums exist to serve many needs. That includes, but not limited to the following.
1. Promoting Advertisers - The Advertising Forums allow advertisers to post availability and new photos. This draws the attention of potential clients and increases revenue.
The Review Forums also promote advertisers with satisfied client recommendations.
The Discussion Board also features rotating banners of paid advertisers to increase advertiser viability.
2. Allowing board members to post reviews and join general discussions. By providing review and general topic forums, the Discussion Board is set up to draw in members who become the potential client base of it's advertisers.
3. Allowing board members to review non advertised providers. This gives board members a reason to become members of the board, increasing the potential client base for the advertisers. Contact information of non advertised providers is not allowed and non advertised providers are not allowed to post on the board as that's basic self-promotion.
4. Bad reviews are posted to provide helpful information to board members. It also self-manages the quality of providers who advertise on this site by discouraging bad providers from advertising here. By maintaining this kind of "quality control" the visitors to this website have more confidence in it's advertisers.

The Forums are monitored to prevent harassment, disrespect or destructive intentions. You do NOT have the right to demand removal of any post. However, you can politely request a review of anything posted, and stating the reason for your concern. A fair review of the post in question will be made and appropriate action taken. Unprofessional, hostile, rude or threatening messages will not be tolerated (you collect bees with honey, not by tossing manure).

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