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Old 07-16-2014, 06:52 PM
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Thumbs up Mrs.X's Reviews

Recommend. Yes. Very fun!
Old 07-16-2014, 07:07 PM
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Default Re: Curious about Mrs X.

I had the opportunity to meet Mrs. X last week. Caught her on her first day but there were no first day jitters! She offers a true GFE. This woman really enjoys herself and fortunately for me that day, she has the patience and experience to keep us older guys in the game a little longer.

Very beautiful, sexy and confident. I almost missed her as I was on my way out of town when she called me back. Very happy that I turned around and went to meet her.

We chatted for some time and she seemed very keen to improve and provide better communication which I see she has done. She got the standard EC spiel which I expect she is researching.

An absolute repeat for me.


Old 07-25-2014, 11:28 AM
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Default Mrs.X's Reviews

I met this lady recently... all i can say is another great addition the the EC family....
if you like a mature, sexy woman, then give her a call
I never get into details but you wont be disappointed
Old 07-29-2014, 11:58 AM
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Default Mrs.X's Reviews

All righty, here is a fresh review from some good times within the last week.

Getting in contact was pretty easy. At the time she was only on BP but also had a twitter account showing a little bit of what I was thinking was a good personality. Something about classy but a little bit nasty, sure, sign me up. The ad I saw only had email coordinates and no real pricing / menu details so I figured there’d probably be 3-4 back and forths to see what’s what and when to maybe meet. This booking was I think a day or so before she listed on EC, so yeah, I didn't have any acronyms or donation info to start with.

I had at least seen one positive review before getting in touch though, also with the “email only, fine we’ll see how this goes” attitude so I proceeded.

Really liked her personality over email, hey this is all a business so I don’t want to make someone an unpaid pen pal, but suffice it to say I got good info, a good feeling, and an outfit request in. Main features were some stockings and really high heels, when I’m booking some fantasy fun time, what can I say, I’ll go for the stuff that doesn’t come up in private life too often! Managed to book an hour for an incall.

Location was fine. Property had a side door.

Greeted at door, and there she was in exactly the requested lingerie, friendly greetings, good attitude. Photos are clearly recent and accurate, she’s mature, nice body and pretty face. Small amount of ink here and there, and long red-tinged hair. I’m talking actual red not natural ginger tones, she had a good look, it worked for her. One small note that didn’t detract for me, there was perfume in play. Perfectly nice, I didn’t care since I wasn’t going to be subjected to any sniff tests later, but maybe some guys need to know so they can either request scent-free, budget time for washing up or sneaking their clothes into the laundry, whatever.

Back to the lady though, other than the fact there’s a hot woman with just the look I wanted all to myself in a room for an hour, she and I seemed to click. Good personality = good times, I know within just minutes it was warming up with DFK. I’m not painting out this was a submission scene, just more of a vibe of it’s my call and she’s the happy hostess. I like. I said somewhere above that fantasy’s where maybe you go full throttle for an experience that for whatever reason isn’t your private life routine. Fact of playing with a professional aside here, I am pretty sure we were having a good time.

I really liked the whole stockings, heels, lingerie scene. Great view. Putting these memories in the spank bank, ha ha.

Fond farewell with zero rush, and a high certainty of a repeat being in the cards. I’ve seen pictures of some of her other favourite outfits, so I am betting there’s ways to mix up the fun for future sessions.
Treat her nicely!
Old 08-02-2014, 12:26 PM
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Thumbs up Re: Mrs. X, good fun and welcome to board

Recently had the pleasure of meeting Mrs X X-ceeded my expectations in every way! Easy to communicate with, nice clean location, I requested a role-play fantasy and she delivered,... the costume, the make -up, the acting & the attention to detail was over the top!! And did i mention she's XXXtremely HOTTT!! Thanks again for an unforgettable X-perience
Mrs -X
Old 08-02-2014, 02:09 PM
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Default Re: Mrs. X, good fun and welcome to board

Yes, I agree, I have been fortunate to spend some time with Mrs. X.
Lucky enough to find time for an hour visit last night.
As the others have said, exceeded my expectations, and will definitely be repeating.
Old 08-21-2014, 06:04 AM
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Default Mrs.X's Reviews

Okay, I know it seems cheesy to play up the whole “X” part of Mrs. X’s name, but the analogy of searching around until you finally find some treasure really fits with this lady. There were many aspects of this entire experience that really exceeded the norm. First of all, communications were responded. I was impressed as hell with this lady and she hadn’t even opened the door yet.

When she did open the door, it was such a pleasant surprise. She is very much as advertised in her age which is a young 39 and I found her very appealing and attractive from head to toe, well-proportioned and a very pretty face. There were no signs of frustration or even being upset with the motel staff…. It was now all about me. The next hour was full of additional little things that just make you feel great as a client. Things like a very warm and sensual introduction and welcome. Things like never once getting the feeling like anything was being rushed along. Things like her getting a vibe from me that she should lead this session along and then doing so very intently throughout the entire hour. Things like…. well, a whole bunch of more things that shall remain unspoken. And then there was a bunch of things that were absent from our meeting as well. Things like a phone ringing in the background (expect mine), Things like even the notion that a clock existed in the room. Things like awkward moments of any kind (except when the cleaning staff where making a racket outside the door… too late folks).

I have had several appointments where I just don’t click with a provider for whatever reason and regardless of the amount of time I have paid for, am all too happy to get things wrapped up early and be on my way. Not so, with Mrs. X. She certainly gave me the feeling throughout that she enjoyed my company and I certainly enjoyed hers. I got the impression that she wants you to feel that it was money well spent, and it was. The search for treasure often has its disappointments but that’s because you just haven't found the X on the treasure map for some reason. She does cater to gentlemen, but now that she knows me a bit, I think I can get away with showing up with an eyepatch, a bandana, and a hook and explore her naughtier side… like a game of hide the plank or shiver me timbers .

Thanks Mrs.X – xoxxxx
Old 09-24-2014, 09:00 PM
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Thumbs up Mrs.X's Reviews

Well friends. It's been a long day. I just arrived at my destination about 3 hours late due to an overturned semi on the 401.

I am however very pleased to bring you my account of the time I spent earlier today with the indelible Mrs. X. Communication and booking was very pleasant and problem free.

I had been intrigued with the air of mystery surrounding this woman since she joined EC a couple of short months ago. Her pictures are accurate. She is more attractive in person with a soft slender frame that seemed to fit in my arms like a glove. She has full soft lips and is a great kisser. Something that I find irresistible in a woman.

I would very much recommend Mrs. X to spend time with. She is the total package and I will definitely repeat when I have the opportunity.

Thank you very much for today. You will see me again sooner than later.

J'aurais toujours faim de toi.

Old 10-18-2016, 12:12 PM
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Thumbs up Mrs.X's Reviews

I am new to the area and an older guy so picked Mrs. X as she sees only men older than 35. I can truly attest to her skills and experience. She looks youthful and had just the right amount of aggressiveness to make the visit memorable. While I don't personally enjoy the full domme, for those that do her location is well equipped and no doubt so is she. But if you like a littl kink, lots of give and take and a first rate visit with all the "letters," give Mrs. X a try....you'll be glad you did.
Old 10-18-2016, 04:56 PM
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Default Re: Mrs. X is great

Originally Posted by Jones View Post
I am new to the area and an older guy so picked Mrs. X as she sees only men older than 35. I can truly attest to her skills and experience. She looks youthful and had just the right amount of aggressiveness to make the visit memorable. While I don't personally enjoy the full domme, for those that do her location is well equipped and no doubt so is she. But if you like a littl kink, lots of give and take and a first rate visit with all the "letters," give Mrs. X a try....you'll be glad you did.
I have never had the experience with Mrs. X with Domme service but I have had the experience of massage and all I can say she was amazing and fun to be with. She is an amazing woman.

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