Paying For Your Advertising

Current Advertisers have access to more detailed payment information within the Private
Advertiser's Forum:
Please click here if you are a CURRENT advertiser with a forum user account
New advertisers can request that information via e-mail after submitting an ad request..

Advertising on this site can be paid via the following methods:
- Credit Card: Visa / MasterCard / American Express (Please don't send me your credit card info, I don't process the cards myself I use a payment processing service which I will send you the link to.)
Your credit card statement will show a payment to a company name, not "London Sugar".
- E-mail (aka Interac) Bank Transfer. You need a bank account and on-line banking for this. Please see your on-line banking for more information. If you have my email address (there is only one for this site) then you can send your payment any time.

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Click here to Contact the Admin for more details

All advertising is prepaid. Your ad is not concidered as paid until payment is received, not when you send it. Please keep a record of your receipt from whichever method you choose in case there is a problem.
If your payment is delayed for whatever reason, you must notify the administration right away to avoid any disruption in your advertising.

Professional Income Tax: If you need a receipt from London Sugar, it will be e-mailed to you only by request in February each year..(Monthly tax receipts are not available).

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